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Let Emerald Take Care of Your IT Health

  Are you a consultant or working for yourself?   Do you want to take pro-active care of your IT?   At Emerald we believe the health of your IT is as crucial to your business as your own personal health. We work with companies of all shapes and sizes but the one thing they have in common is business owners who... Read more

Improving Productivity: Our Recommendations

I recently did a Facebook Live on my recommendations for off-the-shelf software products businesses can make use of to improve productivity. My disclaimer at the beginning was that there is no Holy Grail. There is no off-the-shelf IT product that is going to solve all our problems as business owners. That said, there is some great software out... Read more

Baxi & Tech Central - Hack the Heat

Local business people, representatives from our Universities, as well as Warwick District and Warwickshire County Council's Economic Development teams gathered to Hack the Heat last month in a joint Tech Central and Baxi hosted event. Baxi, a 150 year old manufacturing business, has a share of Warwickshire heritage following its purchase of... Read more

Innovation on our High Street

Tech Central was thrilled to see the Warwickshire Towns Network win Partnership of the Year Award at the National ATCM Awards last week. Smart Towns have been on our agenda for a while and it's great to see Tech Central members like RNF Digital working with the Warwickshire Towns Network on projects like town centre beacon... Read more

How Do I Lead Strategic Change?

In this assignment I am tasked with discussing how I propose to lead strategic change. The obvious role for me to use as context for this is the company I founded, but I hope to be able to understand how to apply the same learning to organisations where I do not hold an official leadership role. That seems an impossible pipe dream right now as I... Read more