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Let Emerald Take Care of Your IT Health


Are you a consultant or working for yourself?


Do you want to take pro-active care of your IT?


At Emerald we believe the health of your IT is as crucial to your business as your own personal health. We work with companies of all shapes and sizes but the one thing they have in common is business owners who want to pro-actively manage technology to avoid issues rather than panic when a crisis occurs.



The services we provide to manage your IT heartbeat are: 

IT Support & Maintenance from £15 per month

We will look after your laptop, PC, Mac etc. for £15 per month including unlimited labour. Most of our support is remote but if we need to visit you on site, we will do that too

Anti-virus / Anti-Spam / Anti-Malware from £3 per month 

Protect your technology from known viruses and malware by investing in market-leading security software 

Ransomware Protection from £3 per month 

Although anti-virus is a must, it will only protect you from known viruses and malware. Ransomware Protection will detect unusual behaviour on your computer and shut it down. For example, if your computer suddenly starts encrypting files. It sends us and you an alert that we can then investigate. 

Back-up Monitoring from £5 per month

Prevention is better than cure but it is crucial when dealing with technology to have both. If your business data is critical, it's important to remember you are only as good as your last back-up. If you do manual back-ups daily and alternate your external hard drives, then we can monitor that back-up from £5 per month. If you need greater protection we can run disaster recovery procedures too.

Automated Offsite Back-up from £25 per month 

If you are running manual back-ups we still recommend an automated back-up solution offsite as a belt & braces approach. The decision will be down to you with regard to how quickly you want your data fully restored in the event of a breach. It's a bit like we look after our bodies by both eating well and exercising. You can do one and not the other but the best results will be when you do both! However, if you don't do a manual back-up at all and will struggle to do so we highly recommend offsite as your emergency service! 

Professional Telecommunications from £10 per month 

Do you advertise a landline number for prospects to call? What happens when trey ring? Does it go to a voicemail? You can improve your landline communication with a virtual number from £10 per month. It comes with an online portal that allows you to control where the calls divert to: your mobile, a virtual assistant, or call-answering service. And you can record personal greetings and voicemails. You can set it by regular hours or ad-hoc. We can also port in your existing number. In a world where customer communication is key, please do think about what experience you provide. The features of a professional phone system are fully affordable with this service! 

Other services we offer that may be of interest:

Let us take the best care of your IT health! Call 01926 452462 


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