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Connect Your Sites

Does your business work across multiple sites? These sites might be temporary project sites or permanent satellite locations, but the problems of infrastructure, communication, and connection will be the same.

At Emerald we have our own experience of this with three regional sites across the UK. We have also worked with a number of customers in the construction, logistics, manufacturing, and retail sectors with multiple sites that they want to connect either on a temporary or permanent basis.

Infrastructure Connection

Decisions about infrastructure depend heavily on the length of time the site is needed for. Temporary sites can have 4G connectivity to run a small phone system and around 6-10 PC users from as little as £35 per month. 

Information Flow

Always a problem in any business, even with just one site! We work with you to see how the flow of information moves through your business and how we can ensure everyone who needs it has easy and secure access. For remote workers, costs start as little as £5 per user per month. We also ensure we don't overload existing infrastructure and advise on how to deliver optimum performance from the hardware you have.


We ensure you have all the tools your business needs to communicate effectively with your remote sites. Again decisions rely heavily on the length of time the site is needed for but we offer temporary communication packages on a monthly basis again from as littie as £30 per month.

If you have multiple sites and would like to chat about how some of our fliexible solutions can assist you, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Interested? Give us a call on 01926 452462 or pop into our Leamington office.

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