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ArcTitan Email Archiving

What is Email Archiving?

Businesses of all sizes rely on email to communicate both internally and externally and is one of the most important means of global communication to date, with the volume of emails we are receiving increasingly growing. However, information sent by email is generally not stored anywhere else but simply remains in the mailboxes of the users to maintain their own archive.  A company’s IT department would perhaps back up a user’s email, but the searching of messages would not be automated. 

Email archiving is a system for preserving email communications in a format that can be digitally stored, indexed, searched, and retrieved. It involves storing your emails either in the cloud or on-premises, in a secure environment which can help to process and file emails systematically.  Emails can be stored on a long-term basis using an email archive and primarily serves the purpose of documentation and preventing data loss. By doing this, emails are stored securely, and their contents remain unchanged.  Emails can also be restored if necessary, so important data is not lost.


Why Chose ArcTitan For Your Email Archiving?

ArcTitan is a focussed email archiving tool that can be tailored to match multiple business purposes and functions.  It captures and stores every email received by a business or organisation on a separate, secure server so you never have to worry about losing another critical business email again.

ArcTitan is simple to set up and manage, featuring a lightning-fast search and retrieval tool that has a load performance of more than 200 emails per second from your email server, so your emails are archived and retrieved instantly.  It is compatible with all major servers, email services, and operating systems, including Office 365 and complies with all major regulatory standards including HIPPA and Sarbanes Oxley for retention and auditing purposes.


Benefits of ArcTitan Emailing Archive

Guaranteed security – All emails are encrypted in transit and when stored, giving your business total protection against data loss.  ArcTitan also ensures all passwords are hashed and encrypted, supporting TLS encryption, scanning for viruses, offering active directory integration and basic authentication.

Remote access to archived emails – All the benefits of email archiving, accessible from anywhere at any time.

Cloud based solution - No limit on user numbers or storage space in the cloud with no on-site hardware required.

Protection and back up – 100% protection against data loss.  Protect mail servers against outages with all emails encrypted.

Simple administration – Administrate the entire system from your outlook.  Admin can replace retention policies and staff mailbox quotas and can access it online which allows the administrator to easily manage the solution remotely.

eDiscovery and EU GDP – Industry standard and legal safeguard for email compliant.

Huge savings on email storage costs – Save 80% on email storage space.  Eliminate personal storage files and reduce the load on your mail servers from 1000GB to 200GB.

GDPR compliance – Gives you the ability to find and remove a customer’s personal data which is a key principle of GDPR as the majority of customers data will sit in an email.

Compatibility – Fully compatible with all systems including Office 365.

Innovative functionality – ArcTitan is easy to set up and manage while being incredibly feature rich.  It offers customisable role management, active directory integration, a full reporting suite, and automatic backup. 


For full specifications and ArcTitan email archiving click here 


Email archiving vs Email backup

There is no comparison between email archiving and having your email backed up. Email backup does not provide end-to-end searchability and indexed storage and everything that was previously backed up is overwritten. Email archiving, on the other hand, offers a more comprehensive approach, allowing full visibility of all archived emails, quick search and retrieval of emails, and more granular control over a long period of time whilst reducing your organisations onsite data footprint.

The main differences are:

Email backup does not meet regulatory requirements
Email backup does not resolve your compliance needs
Email backup is designed to accommodate disaster recovery
There are more features in email archiving solutions: Advanced Search, customizable retention windows (including indefinite retention), legal hold and audit trail, etc.


Other benefits of ArcTitan email archiving include:


  • Reduced strain on your email servers

As email archiving takes all your email and electronically stored information off your email servers, it frees up space on your servers which significantly increases your system's efficiency and performance. 


  • Email Archiving Reduces Your Storage Costs

Recovering files from an email server or backup can be extremely time-consuming and a costly experience.  With email archiving, all email is readily available at all times.   Data that is no longer required for compliance purposes can be set for automatic deletion.  This will reduce the total cost of data storage and minimise the time spent on recovery.


  • Improves Staff Productivity

Email archiving can be set up to allow users access to personal email by assigning them with various access permissions.  This allows them to recover their deleted or misplaced emails independently without the additional costs of IT resources. 


Choosing ArcTitan as your email archiving solution provides preservation, protection and recovery features that support compliance and help safeguard your valuable documents.

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