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Why Your Company Can't Afford To Lose Their Emails

Why your company can't afford to lose their emails - an informative blog from Emerald Group outlining how important it is to protect your emails and data. Read more

What is VOIP? What you need to know and the benefits of VOIP

What is VOIP? Read our blog here where you will find more information about VOIP and how it can benefit you and your business. Read more

Is Your Fibre Broadband Full?

  Is Your Fibre Broadband Full? One of the first things we determine with any new prospective customer is the quality of their internet connection. Upload and download are important depending on what IT and technology services you are looking to run. An internet phone system (VoIP) needs good upload for decent call quality; while... Read more

Getting Better Connected

​You may have seen the announcement from Government last week of an additional £95m allocated to local full-fibre broadband projects. And you probably weren’t as excited as us by it because you didn’t feel it had any relevance to you or your organisation. But it really does. When we hear of major road development work... Read more

GDPR Resources for Small Businesses

  FREE GDPR Resources  If you are struggling to get to grips with GDPR, please take a look at our resources below to help you:         Free IT Risk Assessment Download Free Data Protection Policy Template Form for Notifying ICO of a Data Breach    Please note all this... Read more