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Formality Vs Professionalism

Written by George Saxton - Sales & Marketing Support    While on our way to a recent networking event, Sarah & I found ourselves talking about the interesting topic of the differences between formality and professionalism. Although it wasn’t a long conversation, it got me thinking about... Read more

Apprenticeships in Our Own Words

  Our Apprenticeship Story  CEO & Co-Founder Sarah Windrum     Currently at Emerald we have three apprentices and most days it feels like I have three teenage children! Our apprenticeship journey started quite negatively about five years ago when we had won a number of contracts and needed to more than... Read more

Is Your Fibre Broadband Full?

  Is Your Fibre Broadband Full? One of the first things we determine with any new prospective customer is the quality of their internet connection. Upload and download are important depending on what IT and technology services you are looking to run. An internet phone system (VoIP) needs good upload for decent call quality; while... Read more

Do you have a Business Continuity Plan?

Written by Hollie Malin, Year 12, Campion School Most people believe that a Business Continuity Plan is only used for data recovery and if cyber attacks happen.  However, a Business Continuity Plan is used throughout any organisation as it ensures operations keep running. The Hitchman Stone Partnership became an Emerald customer in... Read more

Give your IT Health a Check-Up

  Written by Hollie Malin, Year 12, Campion School It is extremely important for any business or organisation to look after their IT health. Your PC, Mac, or laptop can show many signs that something is wrong - you don't have to wait for the blue screen of death to get a check-up! Take a look at the 5 signs you need an IT... Read more