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Take 5 - Cyber Security

90% of cyber attacks succeed because of human error. Here are our simple five top tips for managing your own cyber security ...

  1. Most ransomware or malware originates from email. The first thing to check is are you expecting the email and has it come to a legitimate email address? e.g. Has it come to and you don't have a reception@ email address?

  2. Does it look like the email address has been spoofed to look legitimate? There is an example of this above but remember some are much cleverer than this and could be something like A seemingly legitimate email address is NOT a guarantee of security. Keep checking through these points if you are unsure

  3. Is the language of the email appropriate and the branding consistent? Is there a real sense of urgency in the email to click a link or open an attachment? Malware/Ransomware viruses don't want you to pause and think; they want you to click!

  4. Is your anti-virus, anti-spam, and anti-malware protection up to date? Have you installed the latest updates for Windows or your other operating system? Is your operating system out of date? Windows 2003 is no longer supported and Vista is about to go. You need to be using Windows 2007 or above to ensure your security

  5. Have you opened something you shouldn't? Notify your IT Support desk immediately! The quicker they can identify the file encryption and act accordingly, the more likely they will save your network from long term damage.

Before opening an email, clicking on a link, or viewing an attachment it's crucial to take 5 and think about the points above. If you have passed the point of no return, a virus is like a fire so act fast to ensure the right people know and can take action. 

If you want to talk to Emerald about our pro-active support including our bespoke honeypot file system for earliest possible virus detection, please contact us on 01926 452462 or email


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