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Getting Better Connected

fibre broadband engineerYou may have seen the announcement from Government last week of an additional £95m allocated to local full-fibre broadband projects. And you probably weren’t as excited as us by it because you didn’t feel it had any relevance to you or your organisation. But it really does.

When we hear of major road development work happening in our local area, we don’t have to be transport experts to want to understand what the short term and long term impact to us will be. The A46 corridor is a good example of that for Coventry and Warwickshire. Directly affecting us at Emerald was the work at the A46/M40/A429 roundabout to create the A46 flyover. Short term pain and now we have the long term gain. As work continues along the A46, we will all be aware of the development that most affects us and our regular journeys.

Digital infrastructure is similar. No one really cares about the cable in the ground all the time it works and the traffic runs freely. Get a blockage or a jam and, as your data packets grind to a halt, all hell breaks loose. Programs running slow is one of the most common faults reported to our First-Line Support and eight times out of ten the root cause is the internet. We are limited as a business in selling the right technology solutions to our customers by their internet capacity. It is impossible to run motorway traffic on a B road without causing traffic jams and driver frustrations!

Having over £10m awarded to the West Midlands to provide a full fibre to the premises backbone across our region really is a game-changer. It increases capacity on our local internet network which, until now, has been the crucial missing piece of the puzzle. We hear a lot of talk about speeds but reliable capacity is what businesses actually need. Think about it in your own organisation. If you had consistent and reliable speeds of 100-200mb per second, what more could you do? You can do much more than opening and loading web pages faster. You can change the way you operate as a business. You can work more collaboratively and flexibly across teams and projects. You can ensure everyone has access to the data they need to do their jobs most effectively in real-time. You can significantly increase productivity and profitability.

If the road is clear, we can travel at a consistent and efficient speed to our destination. Our data packets are no different. Consistent, reliable, efficiency is key to our digital infrastructure too.

What more could you do with better infrastructure?

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