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Give your IT Health a Check-Up


Written by Hollie Malin, Year 12, Campion School

It is extremely important for any business or organisation to look after their IT health. Your PC, Mac, or laptop can show many signs that something is wrong - you don't have to wait for the blue screen of death to get a check-up!

Take a look at the 5 signs you need an IT check-up:

1. You are receiving warning messages on your device about hard drive space 

2. You are receving pop up messages from Windows or your operating system

3. Your device is running very slow and taking a long time to open applications

4. Your anti-virus/anti-malware is saying it's out of date or expiring

5. You are receiving any recurring pop-up messages. These are always worth checking out by a professional!


Take a look at the Facebook Live above which discusses these and other IT Health issues you may be experiencing. And remember, it never hurts to get an IT MOT. 

Emerald's Mac or PC Health Check-Ups start at just £65 and require 45 mins to an hour without your device. Call us on 01926 452462 to book it in and come over for a chat!



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