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How to Prevent Cyber Attacks

Written by Holly Malin, Year 12, Campion School


Cyber Security is a hot topic in the national and international news. We hear a lot about the effects on large organisations but it is crucial we don't think of it as just a 'big business' problem. We must all understand that there are simple and cost-effective ways for everyone to protect their organisation.

We approach your cyber security in the same way we would approach your home security. There are a few simple steps that everyone can follow. Your security requirements will be on a spectrum and we can offer everything a business will need from user training to software penetration testing.

We all lock our front door. 

Any device with internet access is at risk of a cyber-attack. This includes your laptops, PCs, Macbooks etc. and also your routers and switches as your gateway to the World Wide Web. Your organisation needs to carefully consider what level of protection is needed for every device that access the internet - including tablets and smartphones. Anti-virus and anti-malware is good but not enough. Ransomware protection, pro-active monitoring, and secure access lists are all important options to consider. As is user training. Do all the members of your organisation know what a phishing email looks like and how to spot one? Do they know what to do if they accidentally click on something they shouldn't? We offer training on premise or with video to ensure all your team are up to date with the latest knowledge.

It could happen to you. 

93.5% of attempted cyber-attacks on our customer networks were prevented by Emerald in the last 24 months. Of the 6.5% which were attacked - 100% were back up and running within 24 hours with a full data restore and the cyber attack eliminated. Unfortunately even the best protection isn't infalliable so your cyber security plan needs to link closely with your diaster recovery plan. We also highly recommend looking at cyber insurance. 

Top 3 Cyber Security Tips for Businesses and Organisations


Cyber Security Top Tip Number 1:  

Protect all your company devices from cyber attacks with anti-virus, anti-malware AND ransomware protection.

Companies should do everything that they can to prevent a cyber attack. With costs from as little as £5 per user per month - there is no reason not to ensure all devices that access the internet are fully protected. 

Cyber Security Top Tip Number 2:

Education is crucial to prevent a cyber attack.

There is a wealth of free information on our website. including our Take 5 Cyber Security blog and Strengthen Your Front Line blog. Both include vital information about how you can protect your organisation against different cyber threats. We also offer training if you want further support.

Cyber Security Top Tip Number 3:

Calling an IT professional to advise on cyber security won't cost you a fortune.

Don’t be frightened to use professionals for help. It's what we are here for! We have a wealth of experience with cyber security for organisations from Canary Wharf to community projects and everything in between. And it won't cost a fortune. Our security audit could cost you as little as £65! 



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