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Strengthen Your Front Line Cyber Defence

    The most common way your IT network can be compromised is by viruses, malware and unwanted programmes gaining access through internet usage, email, and USB drives on individual computers. This makes people your crucial front line defence against cyber attacks. One of the best things you can do as a business to mitigate... Read more

Preparing for the Worst: Disaster Recovery Planning for Your Business

The IT issues that grounded around 75,000 passengers is set to cost British Airways at least £80m. The chaos was caused by an engineer disconnecting a power supply and the subsequent power surge as a result of reconnecting it. The incident highlighted to a lot of smaller businesses the vulnerability we all have to IT problems and the... Read more

Take 5 - Cyber Security

90% of cyber attacks succeed because of human error. Here are our simple five top tips for managing your own cyber security ... Most ransomware or malware originates from email. The first thing to check is are you expecting the email and has it come to a legitimate email address? e.g. Has it come to and you... Read more

How Important is Information Technology?

Sometimes it feels like IT has become the master of us. It is something we like to moan about that is the responsibility of a small department, an IT manager, or an outsourced provider to maintain. When it works we don't notice it, when it doesn't work it's a huge pain. IT stands for Information Technology. It is the... Read more

The Role of Inspirational Dependency in Leadership

When I began the Strategic Leadership course I was conscious that as the Co-Founder and CEO of my organisation, my strengths and weaknesses as an individual were embedded in our company culture. Work with the team and an external consultant had identified our organisation ‘the person’ as a mix between Elvira the Princess of Darkness... Read more