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How Important is Information Technology?

Sometimes it feels like IT has become the master of us. It is something we like to moan about that is the responsibility of a small department, an IT manager, or an outsourced provider to maintain. When it works we don't notice it, when it doesn't work it's a huge pain. IT stands for Information Technology. It is the... Read more

The Role of Inspirational Dependency in Leadership

When I began the Strategic Leadership course I was conscious that as the Co-Founder and CEO of my organisation, my strengths and weaknesses as an individual were embedded in our company culture. Work with the team and an external consultant had identified our organisation ‘the person’ as a mix between Elvira the Princess of Darkness... Read more

Don't Be Blockbuster : How to 'Do' Innovation

Working in the technology industry, we are often asked about innovation and how to 'do' it. Crucially, innovation isn't something you can tap into now and again. To be an innovative business and move forward, you need to integrate new thinking into your daily operations. When working with a business I first look at three strategic... Read more

What Increases Productivity in a Small Business?

The Story of Productivity We keep hearing about productivity. The Government are due to issue their 'Productivity Statement' this week following the latest ONS figures (measured in output per hour) which show productivity is still below 2008 levels. At an event a week ago with Sajid Javid (Secretary of State for Business, Innovation,... Read more

Driving Growth in a Small Business: Power of Partnership

Emerald CEO Sarah Windrum was recently at a Warwick Business School event entitled 'Driving Growth, Surviving Growth' targeting rapid growth SMEs. The economy is doing well. The UK created more jobs in the last four years than the whole of the EU. Now the focus is shifting, as it should, to where these jobs are coming from. And nearly... Read more