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Road to China Series : How Does a Small Business Think Global?

Sarah Windrum, Emerald Group CEO spoke on this topic at the Leamington Business Forum and was so thrilled with the response from local businesses, particularly SMEs, we have turned it into a blog post. Firstly, I gave a brief introduction to Emerald which, if those who know us already will forgive me for, I will do again! Who are... Read more

The Cost of Lost Communication

During my trip to Pudong Enterprise Centre in Shanghai, I was very lucky to be able to address a room of Government officials and technology innovators regarding the issues that surround our increasing reliance on mobile communication. In the UK, an SME business would be at a distinct disadvantage taking their mobile contract direct with... Read more

Making Entrepreneurial Use of Your Social Capital

The second blog in the Road to China series dedicated to all the incredible people who helped get Emerald there! As a 'big picture' thinker and entrepreneur I often find myself agreeing to things before I work out how to deliver them. Having identified my big picture tendencies through leadership development training I now have a team... Read more

Road to China : What is an Export?

Director of Emerald Business Communications Sarah Windrum recently represented UK technology on a UKTI Trade Mission to China. And she documented her experiences both building up to and on the trip itself in a series of short blogs! As an SME that offers a service-based solution, exporting to China probably doesn't seem like a step that... Read more

What is 5G and When is it Coming?

When I saw the UKTI agenda for our trade mission, the immediate attraction was our visit to Huawei and their research and development facility in Shenzhen. Emerald supply Huawei mobile WiFi devices in the UK particularly to satellite offices, often on construction sites, that either need temporary internet access or easy and immediate internet... Read more