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Business Continuity

Emerald Engineers and Customers meeting in boardroom engaged in conversation about their business continuity plans


What is Emerald's Business Continuity service? 

Our Business Continuity IT services ensure your technology remains operational and downtime is minimised. 




Would I benefit from Emerald's Business Continuity service? 

If you are an organisation or business professional who wants dependable IT systems and infrastructure, you will benefit from our Business Continuity service. Your service level agreements with your customers may depend upon continual and reliable IT and it could cost you significant penalties financially and to your reputation if your IT didn’t function for a period of time. Even if this isn’t the case, how much does your day to day operational activities rely on your IT systems? Even the individual working on his/her own needs to think about business continuity.  

How will I benefit from Emerald's Business Continuity service?

Emerald both provide and implement a business continuity plan appropriate to you as an individual or organisation. We believe in the old IT mantra of ‘no single point of failure’ and we will ensure your IT network adheres to this irrespective of its size and complexity. We have our own data centre in Northampton accommodated in a Tier 3 facility (classified by its 99.98% uptime) which we have invested heavily in to be able to provide the highest level of enterprise IT continuity to our customers of all sizes.  

We keep your business operational. We do that in a number of ways and you can read our Case Studies below to see how. Some businesses call it the extra mile but for us it is what we are here for and why we exist. Our business is to serve your business. 

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Emerald Case Studies

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We began working with the Hitchman Stone Partnership in 2010 and are now their strategic technology partner supporting them to implement a number of initiatives to make the business more flexible, responsive, and productive. Hitchman Stone are a family-run architectural practice covering a... Read more

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Emerald IT Testimonials

“Working with Emerald is always a pleasure. Highly professional and always seeking to give their clients the best service they can."

Jeryl Stone, The Hitchman Stone Partnership

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