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Data Back-Up

One of the most important IT Support services we offer is a bespoke data back-up solution to suit your business. We use our own data centre with dedicated hardware, security, and connectivity as well as products like Ashay and Easus to continually monitor your back-ups and test them for resilience. 

Frequency of Back-Ups

This depends on your own business need. We have some customers that have live replication, some who back-up every four hours, and some who back-up once a day. We recommend once a day as the bare minimum for a back-up.

Location of Back-Ups

There are two important things to remember when considering where to store your back-ups. In an ideal world, you will have back-ups both offsite and offline. 

Offsite: The reason for offsite is that it is best practice for business continuity and disaster recovery. If your company suffers flood, fire, or theft; having an offsite back-up becomes business critical. 

Offline: The reason for offline is that ransomware viruses are growing in intelligence every day and have begun to detect online back-ups in programs like One Drive, Dropbox, and also in our own data centre. Although we have not yet experienced a penetration from a ransomware virus, we still recommend best practice as having an external hard drive back-up.

Emerald Data Back-Up Services

We have a range of services to help depending on your business need.

  • Live replication: We will host a server for you in our data centre allowing data to replicate in real time
  • Automated Offsite Back-Up: This is a service that runs every night. After the first initial back-up, it only backs-up incremental changes meaning it can run from midnight until about 4am depending on the size of your data and the speed of your internet. It allows you to restore previous versions and we also run our own reports on large files and duplicate files to help you manage your data better
  • Offline Back-Up Monitoring: This is a service that costs from £5 to £25 per month depending on your data requirements. It allows us to ensure your external back-ups are working correctly and alerts us to any issues
  • Data Back-Up Resilience Testing: For all our data back-up services, we pro-actively monitor the resilience of your data every quarter by running a test restore of key files
  • Sage Back-Up: If you host Sage locally, it's crucial that you ensure it is backed up. The same rules apply: we recommend both offsite and offline and once a day
  • Email Back-Up: Depending on how your email is hosted, you may well have a back-up built in. However, knowing that you can restore your emails from the PST file is not always tested. We routinely do this to give you full peace of mind

Interested? Give us a call on 01926 452462 or pop into our Leamington office.

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“We started working with Emerald following a serious virus which affected our email and all our data. Our previous provider were not able to restore anything. Emerald worked hard on our behalf to restore as much as possible from old external back-ups I had taken. Now we have a proper system in place with automated cloud back-ups (which I never thought I would sign up for!) and monitoring of our external offline back-ups as well."

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