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Business IT Support Services

Emerald engineer provides remote support

What is Emerald IT Support?  

We provide an IT Support Desk for operational day to day technical queries and issues. If you're looking for 'IT support services near me' - don't hesitate to contact Emerald today!  

Would I benefit from Emerald's IT Support Services? 

Any organisation that doesn’t have a dedicated IT Support Desk would benefit from Emerald's IT Support. Our ideal client will have a network of 5-50 employees but business professionals working on their own who want peace of mind will also benefit especially if they are used to corporate IT environments with a fully dedicated team 

Would I benefit from Business IT support Near Me?

Day to day technical queries are resolved promptly by our accredited team which improves productivity and reduces IT frustration!

We have three full-time Site Engineers and three First-Line Support engineers overseen by our Technical Director covering the full range of needs for a business from 5 to 50 employees.

If an issue requires an urgent or scheduled site visit, we have the resource to ensure we are on site with you. The cost to provide this level of resource within a small organisation would be in excess of £12,000 per month in salary alone.  

We pro-actively monitor every IT network we support for performance, capacity, and security. You have peace of mind that these three areas are managed by us and we will keep you regularly informed through our Technology Roadmap service of any changes you need to consider in line with your business objectives. 

We provide you with a quarterly Business Intelligence report on your organisation’s operational IT queries so you can identify potential training areas for team members and accurately assess need and impact for technology improvements suggested in the Roadmap. Both our monitoring and our Business Intelligence report ensures your business benefits from all the expertise of a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) without the heavy cost of paying one! Average freelance CTO rates are around £140-£200 per hour. At Emerald, our Business IT Intelligence is included in our monthly maintenance rates because we know how important it is to your organisation that you make the right decisions on continually investing and improving your technology. It is not an optional service but an essential one! 

Call 01926 452462 to start your Emerald journey with an initial IT Audit for just £125

Emerald IT Testimonials

“From the first contact with Emerald, they have all been great to deal with. Nothing is too much trouble and they are extremely helpful if there are any queries. They are one step ahead of my needs always monitoring the account and suggesting ways to give me better value for money.”

David Lowe, Cambrian Printers

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