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IT Network Monitoring

Emerald Engineer provides remote Business IT Support


What is Emerald IT Network Monitoring? 

Our IT Network Monitoring service is pro-active monitoring of performance, capacity, and security of all aspects of an IT network: hardware, software, back-ups, and connectivity 


Would I benefit from Emerald IT Network Monitoring? 

If you are an organisation with an IT network used by 5-50 employees then you will benefit from Emerald's IT Network Monitoring.

How will I benefit from Emerald IT Network Monitoring? 

15% of issues that have the potential to cause downtime to your technology are identified and resolved before any downtime occurs saving you precious work hours and avoiding IT frustration when that important report, presentation, email needs to be done! 

Our IT Network Monitoring gives you peace of mind that performance, capacity, and security are continually monitored (and the crucial areas monitored 24/7) so that nasty IT surprises are minimised as much as is technically possible! A good example is a capacity on your network: pro-active monitoring means we notify you of any potential capacity issues and our recommendations in enough time for you to evaluate and decide upon a course of action rather than being told you’re running out of space and the next day everything grinds to a halt. This is particularly important for any organisations running software applications that have new data added to them continually e.g. databases, CRM systems, ERP systems, Stock Management etc.   

Pro-active monitoring provides you with vital statistics as business intelligence for you to use to make data-driven decisions on future improvements for your organisation. As part of our Roadmap service, we work with you to understand where you want to be and what technology you need when you get there. Like British Cycling, it’s all about marginal gains! Pro-active monitoring helps you make and assess the impact of incremental improvements which keep your technology operating at the optimum level for your needs. 

Call 01926 452462 to start your Emerald journey with an initial IT Audit for just £125

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