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Helping You Remove Unpredictable Costs

03 March 2018

We started working with Leech & Co Solicitors as a referral from our software partner. The Directors were looking for a more cost-effective hosting solution for their cloud-based system. The issue they had with large corporate hosting packages is the unpredictable cost based on the amount of data they sent backwards and forwards in any one month. The monthly cost could fluctate by as much as £400. There was no predictability and no way to budget effectively for it.

"We just wanted to know how much we needed to pay every month for cloud services," Company Director Matthew Connery commented, "and that seemed impossible for the large providers. We also knew that if we didn't pay, we would be instantly cut off. It was a worrying situation."

Benefiting from Emerald's Data Centre Investment

Because Emerald have invested tens of thousands of our own money in a data centre in Northampton with dedicated equipment and a dedicated pipe, we can offer flexible hosting services for small businesses. When Matthew told us about his issue, we knew we could provide his business with a cost-effective service that cost him the same amount of money every month, regardless of the amount of data traffic coming through the company's cloud-based customer portal. And it wasn't just the cost where we were able to add value. Using a large corporate provider means you are subject to their processes and procedures. To get a back-up of his current system meant we had to send a hard drive to Europe. There was no flexibility in the back-up to allow the business to restore certain parts of the system or certain records or certain versions, which is a level of granularity that we offer. And don't get us started on the customer service!

Providing Peace of Mind

​"The whole process has been quick and easy and it really is a great comfort to know Emerald are there in the background to help me when I need it," Matthew continues. When your whole business rests on a cloud-based system, having a flexible, cost-effective, secure, and well-maintained solution is what helps you sleep better at night. That's what Emerald is here for. 


If you would like to chat about your own hosting requirements, then please call Darren on 01926 452462.





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