Revolutionise Your Meetings: The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Teams Rooms for Business

Introduction to Microsoft Teams Conference Rooms The Microsoft Teams Room…is this the future of virtual meetings?  We’ve all experienced it: either everyone huddled around one computer or scattered across separate devices in one room, fighting for charging plugs, just for a 30-minute meeting. What a hassle, right? Well, the Teams Room solves all of this!…

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Is Starlink The Best Internet Option For Your UK Business?

2024 marks a new era for all things internet. For most businesses, the internet is crucial for daily operations, productivity, and immediate connectivity. Any downtime can severely disrupt sales, customer satisfaction, and staff productivity, leading to lost profits and numerous problems. But what is the answer to providing the best business continuity?  … SpaceX believes…

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Is Your Tech GDPR Compliant?

On May 25th 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in the UK. Since then we have seen a drastic change in the way our data is used (or not used). You will notice that even on our website, our forms contain privacy policy links as well as opt-in/opt-out options.  Regardless…

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Why Your Business Needs More than Just a PC Off The Internet

In today’s digital landscape, relying solely on a PC off the internet can leave your business vulnerable and ill-equipped to meet its technological demands. Allow us to shed light on why your business needs more than just a generic PC. Why Your Business Needs More Than a Generic PC Lack of Customisation: Generic PCs off…

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Does Your Business Really Need a Cyber Essentials Certification? Here’s Why It Matters

In today’s digital age, cybersecurity is more critical than ever. With cyber threats on the rise, businesses of all sizes must take proactive measures to protect themselves and their customers’ data. One effective way to demonstrate your commitment to cybersecurity is by obtaining a Cyber Essentials certification. But is it really necessary for your business?…

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Why Your Company Can’t Afford To Lose Their Emails

email archiving with Emerald Group

We’ve all been there before – someone accidentally deletes an email from the company Microsoft 365 server, or worse they were only stored locally. Before you know it, you’re left with a pile of unanswered emails and limited ways to get them back. It’s no wonder that it can be very stressful when something like…

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What is VOIP? What you need to know and the benefits of VOIP

​Every day we hear about new technologies and services that will change our way of life. One of these is Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Technology. If you’re thinking about the type of phone system you want in your business, VOIP could be the best choice. But what is it? What is VOIP, and why…

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Is Your Fibre Broadband Full?

Emerald Group offering support on fibre broadband

Is Your Fibre Broadband Full? One of the first things we determine with any new prospective customer is the quality of their internet connection. Upload and download are important depending on what IT and technology services you are looking to run. An internet phone system (VoIP) needs good upload for decent call quality; while cloud…

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Getting Better Connected

Emerald Group, getting people better connected through IT solutions

£95 Million Allocated for Full – Fibre Broadband You may have seen the announcement from Government last week of an additional £95m allocated to local full-fibre broadband projects. And you probably weren’t as excited as us by it because you didn’t feel it had any relevance to you or your organisation. But it really does. When…

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GDPR Resources for Small Businesses

GDPR resources for small businesses by Emerald Group

FREE GDPR Resources  If you are struggling to get to grips with GDPR, please take a look at our resources below to help you: Free Data Protection Policy Template Form for Notifying ICO of a Data Breach  Please note all this information is supplied for guidance only and does not guarantee compliance.

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