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SpamTitan spam protection with Emerald Group. More information coming soon. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our specialists...

What is Spam Titan / Spam Awareness?

Spam Titan is a cloud service that provides a thorough and in-depth defence against sophisticated malware and phishing attacks. Although Microsoft 365 offers basic protection, many organisations found that it has not been effective against these increasing and persistent threats.

What are the benefits?

SpamTitan offers a number of benefits to business users:

  • Seamless integration: SpamTitan is designed to work with alongside Microsoft 365 with minimal interruption.
  • Advanced security: SpamTitan includes many features with advanced levels of security designed to target and prevent phishing attacks, business email compromise, and zero-day protection.
  • Link Inspection: SpamTitan can inspect URLs to identify links to malicious websites and block potential phishing attacks.

How could it help you?

If hit by a phishing attack, your business could be facing disruption, additional costs, as well as the potential breach of important and confidential data. A study by Deloitte found that 91% of cyber-attacks begin with a phishing email, so having effective identification and prevention is best way to prevent a potential breach.

Enter Emerald IT

We offer SpamTitan services as part of our IT support solutions. Want to find out more? Contact Darren on 01926 452462.


"Emerald has become our go-to for all our technology requirements. If we think we need to address an issue, we contact them and explain, and they suggest a solution not only for immediate use, but also looking at the longer term picture for our business too.
They keep a constant eye on our systems and usage and suggest when appropriate courses of action should be taken to enhance our working environment"


"In the past, we had experienced problems with IT companies who had the ability over promise and under deliver.

This was not the case with Emerald. Emerald are now our trusted partner for all of our IT support needs. They offer honest, impartial advice that is delivered in a language even the novice can understand.

Having one number that our team can call with any IT or telephone concerns makes such a difference, especially when this is backed up with prompt resolution."

Richard Hall - Inn Express

"We've been working with Emerald for many years and their support has been invaluable on all aspects of IT from maintenance of systems & phones to new purchases and solutions.

Emerald are professional and their services are precise and innovative where needed. Their customer support is outstanding. Highly recommended."

Jeryl Stone - Hitchman Stone

"When your whole business rests on a cloud-based system, having a flexible, cost-effective, secure, and well- maintained solution is what helps you sleep better at night. That's what Emerald is here for"

Leech & Co Solicitors Data Centre Backup

If you would like a no-obligation chat about our SpamTitan spam protection services, please do get in touch.

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