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Productivity Software

There are a wide range of products created by different software companies that can help you run your business or organisation more effectively. Before looking at these products, you want to understand what you need in order to increase efficiency across your team.  

Emerald Engineers and Support Team meeting around the board table discussing customers Business IT Maintenance and Productivity Software

Your Friendly & Cost-Effective CTO 

Here at Emerald, we act as your interim CTO, drawing on our extensive experience in the IT industry improving efficiency and performance for teams in Canary Wharf financial institutions to local charities, and from small start-ups to public sector organisations. The good news is you get all this experience for much less than the typical £200 per hour CTO charge! We work with your business or organisation to find the best fit software for your needs, making sure to match them appropriately. There are so many software products out there that there will be a selection to suit you and your requirements and we help you bespoke any off-the-shelf product at a fraction of the typical cost. We support you to design, implement, and train your team on any new solution. We also have cost-effective monthly maintenance options to ensure your operational IT queries are resolved.  

Below are some of the most familiar products we have worked extensively with: 

Document Collaboration  

When you have several people needing to add their own parts to the same document, collaborative documents make this so much simpler. Here are a few off-the-shelf products that will help: 

  • Sharepoint/OneDrive - a file hosting service and synchronization service operated by Microsoft. We have a page all about Sharepoint, if you wish to learn more go to this link - Sharepoint Page 
  • Emerald Cloud – A full explanation of the Emerald Cloud can be found here  - Emerald Cloud Page 
  • Google Docs - a free web-based application that can be accessed on any computer with an internet connection

For more detailed information on Document Collaboration, click this link  - Document Collaboration Page 

Team Communication  

Emerald Team Member in Board Room on Conference Call with Customers as part of Remote Working Solution

Do you want to talk with your team more effectively and reduce internal e-mails whilst still ensuring you can manage your projects in real-time? Here are some options for you: 

  • Sharepoint - We have a page all about Sharepoint, if you wish to learn more go to this link - Sharepoint Page 
  • Microsoft Teams - a platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and application integration 
  • Trello - a web-based list-making application 
  • Slack – a cloud-based set of team collaboration software tools and online services 


Workflow & Project Management 

Below are some products that allow your teams to collaborate and meet goals on time whilst still managing resources and cost: 

  • DocuWare – We have a full page on DocuWare which you can find here - DocuWare Page 
  • Microsoft Dynamics - a line of enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management software application 

To help you learn about some of the software products you can use, we have a blog with our top 5 recommendations for improving productivity that you can access here - Top 5 Recommendations Page and we also did a small live stream on Facebook about this topic which you can find on the Emerald Group YouTube channel

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