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Emerald Cloud - Document Sharing


What Is Emerald Cloud?

Emerald Cloud as a document sharing platform is a collaboration between ourselves and File Cloud. We provide the data centre infrastructure to give you: 

Flexibility - We provide small businesses with the flexibility to make the most of the time available. Emerald Cloud gives employees the ability to work from any location and for teams to work on documents collaboratively.  Files stored online are easily accessible from anywhere with any computer, smartphone or tablet.

Security - The security of your data is our priority so all files are encrypted and stored in our dedicated Tier 3 Data Centre in Northampton. The data centre has full monitoring, the latest fire protection, and is manned 24/7 with full perimeter security fencing. 

System Integration - You can integrate with existing file servers, such as Microsoft Active Directory to synchronise user accounts and groups; allow remote access to existing Windows File servers preserving NTFS permissions; provide fast access to files for remote branch offices while reducing network latency, and seamlessly find documents by searching through file content even in your existing file shares.

Fast Document sync  - Emerald Cloud has the capability to sync large files efficiently without slowing down productivity.


Benefits of using Emerald Cloud:

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  • Emerald Cloud offers a private hosting option, meaning you can run it on your own infrastructure with full control over your data. Alternatively, we can host it in our secure dedicated Tier 3 data centre. This gives you full flexibility with hybrid options available for both local storage and cloud storage.


  • Your files are totally secure, with full encryption of files at rest and encryption of all communication during transit. You can add an extra layer of protection when logging in using email or Google Authenticator and all files are automatically scanned when uploaded.


  • When collaborating on documents, users can lock or checkout files to avoid conflicting changes; alerts can be sent to users when shared files or folders are changed; you can enable conversations around files, and users can view and track file activity.


  • The Sync, Share and Mobile Access feature allows users to access, share, sync company files and documents from anywhere and any device syncs content across computers and smartphones, replacing Dropbox or You can access your files from iOS, Android and Windows Phone and mount your remote files as a network share in Windows Explorer.


  • Using Emerald Cloud, file-sharing can be done both publicly and privately with expiration dates and other global policies. You can upload and share large files without any size limit and preview documents directly on the web without downloading.


  • The Office and Outlook Add-ons allow you to automatically upload large files attachments to Emerald Cloud and send a share link; edit and save documents directly from Word, Excel or PowerPoint; and edit documents on mobile using Microsoft Office iOS and Android Mobile Apps.


  • The Administrator Features allow you to manage users, groups, storage quotas, granular security policies and manage all connected devices. Emerald Cloud has a HIPAA compliant audit trail


  • Finally, to ensure you don’t lose your data, with Emerald Cloud you can securely back up and restore files across all platforms including automatic media backup from mobile devices; remotely wipe or block devices to prevent unauthorised access in case devices get lost or stolen; recover accidentally deleted files; and prevent download, printing or copy/paste.

Emerald IT Testimonials

"Although we work on some very big and exciting projects, GCS is still a small business with fewer than 20 employees, so it is a huge benefit to our company to be able to lean on a business like Emerald to help us keep our operations and IT infrastructure scalable. They can customise our technology and evolve it as we need them to, leaving us to focus on keeping our customers happy and delivering the greatest possible service."


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