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Cyber Security support is essential for any business, as all businesses have private data that must be kept secure. Emerald Group offer everything you need to keep your company secure, from active monitoring software to pen testing and user training.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security Support from Emerald means you receive proactive protection from cyber security threats, as well as recovery assistance if things do go wrong. Keep your organisation secure from the latest vulnerabilities with Emerald Group.

Prevent Complex Cyber Security Exploits

Keeping your business systems secure is a necessity, whether you are a huge multi-national company or a small business. Most organisations have some anti-virus to help keep themselves secure, but with exploits and vulnerabilities becoming more complex and difficult to prevent, software like this simply isn’t enough to keep companies and their confidential data secure.

UK cyber security support with Emerald Group
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What Cyber Security Services do we offer?

At Emerald Group we offer a number of services to help improve our clients’ Cyber Security, from exploit prevention to incident recovery.

  • Threat Detection Software – Our threat detection software includes anti-virus and firewall for a basic level of protection, as well as proactive monitoring for incoming threats and exploits for every machine in your network, helping keep your data and hardware safe from bad actors.
  • Incident Response – Our expert team are on stand-by to assist with any security threats that might arise, with an average incident response time of only (insert statistic) minutes!
  • Pen Testing – At Emerald Group, we believe that pen testing is one of the best ways to help proactively keep networks secure, as our expert engineers can identify vulnerabilities, understand them, and work to rectify them. Pen testing lets you stop exploits from occurring before they are found by a bad actor.
  • User Awareness Training – The weakest point of any network is typically the people using it. Whether intentional or not, users often let viruses and other vulnerabilities into a network accidentally, so our user training means that your staff will understand the best online practices, and what to do should an incident occur.
  • Simulated Phishing – Phishing attacks are incredibly common, with over 3.4 billion sent every day! Despite people typically being aware of the threat posed by phishing attacks, people still fall for them, so our simulated phishing attacks mean that you can identify who might need some help with staying safe online, helping prevent phishing exploits in the future.

How will Emerald Group Cyber Security Support benefit my business?

With Emerald Group’s Cyber Security package, you receive proactive protection from viruses and hacks with our threat detection software, as well as speedy assistance from our team should an incident occur, minimising your business’ downtime.

We monitor your networks, and use pen testing to identify any vulnerabilities that might be exploited, as well as training staff to use best online practices with training sessions and simulated phishing attacks to help your staff maintain network security. Emerald Group’s Cyber Security Support means that you can minimise business downtime and keep your business’ data safe – potentially costing you millions if things do go wrong.

Business cyber security support with Emerald Group IT


“Working with Emerald is always a pleasure. Highly professional and always seeking to give their clients the best service they can."


“The Technical Support team at Emerald always go the extra mile to keep our business technology running. They are customer focused and always ready to help. Their expertise is invaluable and they offer the highest levels of service even when under pressure."


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