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Backup and  Security

Emerald Engineer working to protect customers with Cyber Security solutions

What are Emerald’s backup and Security Services? 

We want to ensure your business-critical IT systems and data are always kept safe. We advise and provide protection for all aspects of your operational IT from market-leading anti-virus protection with early detection and response to IT network firewalls and threat prevention.  


If you manage an IT network or make decisions on IT for your organisation - please visit one of the linked pages below: 

- IT Network Security 
- IT User Security 
- Email Encryption 
- Cyber Essentials 

If you are a sole-trader or business consultant who works on their own, please visit the pages below: 

- Anti-Virus & Ransomware Protection 
- Cyber Essentials 

Would I benefit from Emerald’s Backup and Security Services? 

Any professional individuals or organisations who don’t know how to best protect their IT systems and data, want to enhance cyber security, need to stay running 24/7, or don’t have time to stay on top of the rapid increase cyber-attacks and remain safe. 

How will I benefit from Emerald’s Backup and Security Services?  

Recovering from a cyber-attack with or without the loss of business-critical data will be very difficult for you and your organisation. It might even bring operations to a stand-still. Emerald brings you peace of mind so you can concentrate on your business and not worry about security prevention. Think of our services as like locking your IT front door. We have years of experience in managing IT security at all levels for all sectors, including financial services in Canary Wharf, and you will benefit from the depth and breadth of this knowledge in our selection of services and products to suit you.


As well as locking your front door, we believe you should also take insurance. Our Data Back-Up provides this invaluable service for you. For more details please visit the page below: 

- Data Back-up Service  


If you are interested, please call us on 01926 452 462.

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Emerald IT Testimonials

“We started working with Emerald following a security breach which cost the business a substantial amount of money. As a small business we didn't believe we needed big business IT security but the service Emerald provides is very cost-effective for small companies and keeps us safe.”


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