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Business Continuity

Keeping your business running is the reason we exist! There are many threats to your business operations and cyber attacks are just one of those. See our main Business Continuity page and our Case Study from The Hitchman Stone Partnership for how we deal with others.

Cyber Security is a growing concern amongst all businesses. Cyber attacks can significantly disrupt business due to lost data, compromised personal or financial information, unplanned downtime, and other challenges. A single cyber security incident can result in lost productivity, decreased revenue, and a damaged reputation.

The average downtime after a cyber attack is 2-3 days but Emerald has a proven track record of having businesses operational with a full data restore the same working day. This is only because of the foundational work we put in with you in advance.

What is Your Data Back-Up Policy?

A back-up of business critical data should happen at least once a day and often at strategic points within a day. Best practice is for this to be stored off-site and for at least one back-up to always be in an off-line state.

What Business Continuity Services do you need?

Emerald provide the following continuity services for your business:

  • Business Data Replication: We have a dedicated Tier 3 data centre in Northampton with our own hardware or spare racks for your hardware to replicate live data for your most critical operations.
  • Business Data Storage: We provide offsite back-up to our own Tier 3 data centre in Northampton or one of our partners secure data centres depending on your business requirements.
  • Email Back-Up: We provide a full email archiving and back-up service.
  • Email Failover: We offer a hybrid email failover operational within an hour of a disaster or breach.
  • Phone Failover: We offer a failover for incoming and outgoing calls within an hour of any issue.
  • Internet Failover: We work with you to design a bespoke business continuity plan in the event of an internet outage to keep your critical operations running.

Do you have a Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Plan?

We have worked on many Disaster Recovery Plans for small businesses, and implemented them, so please contact for your free template and initial consultation

Cyber Prevention is Better Than Cyber Cure

At Emerald we believe in a dual approach which ensures you have the highest level of security to keep ransomware and other viruses out and also means if the worst were to happen we can guarantee you will be back up and running the same day with a full data restore.

Emerald Case Studies

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Emerald IT Testimonials

“We started working with Emerald following a security breach which cost the business a substantial amount of money. As a small business we didn't believe we needed big business IT security but the service Emerald provides is very cost-effective for small companies and keeps us safe.”


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