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IT Security

The downside of this new digitalised world is that IT networks are under constant threat from automated and targeted attacks. We see this on a daily basis with the pro-active monitoring we do. This threat is is not a reason to avoid improving productivity through technology, but it s important for you to work with partners that take security very seriously and help to inform you of  the technology and processes that can leave you vulnerable.

While there are general preventative measures recommended across the board including the eductaion of employees, each IT network is unique in what it needs to deliver and how it is constructed, and these factors will decide your security strategy.

Where Can a Cyber Attack happen?

Your IT network can be attacked by  viruses, malware or unwanted programmes targeting either an individual's device through the internet, email, or USB drive or through your IT network perimeter hardware through routers etc.

We have noticed ransomware viruses growing cleverer and cleverer, detecting multiple points of entry and quickly working through your IT network to corrupt all your critical busienss data as fast as possible.

What Can I Do to Prevent a Cyber Attack?

The threat of a cyber attack can be mitigated by using professional anti-virus software and locking down desktops to the security level required by your business. It is a balancing act between usability and seurity because blocking access and restricting the network to minimise the risk of attack also reduces flexibility and accessibility for employees. We can support you to ensure you get the level right for your business and work with you to ensure the balance is maintained as your business changes.  

Your IT network perimeter hardware, like routers, will need constantly updating with the latest security protocols and vulnerability updates. Treat the internet as an open front door and make sure your office and filing cabinets stay locked.

What Can I Do If We Experience a Cyber Attack?

We all agree prevention is  better than a cure, however a disaster recovery plan is crucial. The average recovery for a business from a breach is 2-3 days. At Emerald we believe in keeping your business operational and that means ensuring a fast and full recovery. We have a proven track record of having businesses operational within 24 hours of a breach and run regularly tests of our data restore process so we know we can perform a critical recovery in an emergency.

We offer a Full Cyber Security Audit

If you are interested, please call us on 01926 452 462.

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