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Web Security

One of the ways that malicious software can access your network is through websites. There are several solutions that can help prevent your employees access risky websites, such as content filtering, link scanning and by using professional anti-virus software. Education is also important. Below are a few of the dangers to watch out for:

What Are Phishing Websites?

Phishing sites are spoofed websites pretending to be major players in order to gain information from you. Paypal and HMRC as well as banks are the major ones faked. Often they come as a link in a phishing email or they may be created by a common mistype of the web address or URL. 

What Are Blacklisted Sites?

There are hundreds of blacklisted databases and web addresses can get on these lists for a whole host of reasons. They are normally identified as 'abusive hosts' which often means they have been sending out spam emails from their domain. Legitimate websites can get on these lists but our advice is to avoid accessing them until they are taken off the list. 

How Do We Ensure We Access the Web Securely?

Our advice is to work with a security focused IT company that will support you to deploy a cyber security solution which is both secure and flexible. This is to ensure you don't lose the user experience or frustrate your employees and reduce productivity while protecting your business and your critical data.

Our Favourite Free Tools for Cyber Security are:

 We always advise working with a professional IT business but if you did want to have a look at some free cyber security tools, these are our favourites:

We Offer a Full Cyber Security Audit

If you are interested in our web security solutions, please call our Leamington office on 01926 452 462. 

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