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Hosted Telephony with Emerald Group. Work-Life Integration means we all want to work when we need to, wherever we are. At Emerald, we have our own remote teams and mobile workers so all our solutions are tried & tested by us first-hand...

Host Your Phone System With The Emerald Group

Are you looking to update or adapt your current phone system due to business growth, introduce new technology to keep up with modern advancements or are you looking at options for how to save money on your monthly telephone costs?  Then a hosted phone system through Emerald group is your solution.

When you invest in hosted phone systems, you can get a telephone system that covers all your voice communication needs at a highly affordable price.

Emerald Group have partnered with the leading and award-winning platform provider Yeastar to offer you a highly secure platform to monitor and manage your hosted PBX system(s) remotely and centrally on any device, with prices starting from only £6.50ex vat per user per month

For more information about the features of Yeastar click here 

What Is A Hosted Phone System?

A hosted phone system is a flexible, cost-effective alternative to a traditional telephone system.

Unlike a traditional phone system that requires a lot of routing and is hosted at your premises, a hosted PBX system runs across your internet connection and is based at Emerald’s data centre and in the cloud rather than your place of business.

The servers and applications of the hosted phone system, using the power of the Cloud, use your existing internet connection with the added advantage of not needing to purchase new hardware, other than new compatible handsets.  Using the innovation of the Cloud has led to software integrations with phone systems which transform a new phone system into transforming a business, due to its advanced capabilities and features.

This type of phone system implementation is viewed as the primary utilisation model for any new phone system, embracing the future and leaving the 19th-century technology firmly in the past.

Cloud phone system with Emerald Group

How Does A Hosted Phone System Work?

Unlike traditional phone systems which rely on physical telephone lines underground, hosted phone systems transmit call traffic over the internet as data. This gives you a telephone system that is hosted on the cloud, meaning you can use IP handsets, mobiles or even a desktop application to make and receive calls, allowing you to communicate wherever you are, whether in the office, on the road, or at home. The way you make a call does not change, meaning you and your staff will not notice any difference, and those contacting you will not have to do anything different.

A hosted phone system also removes the need for costly physical hardware on-site and analogue or ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) telephone lines from phone providers at expensive monthly costs.

It is also important to note that BT has stated all ISDN services related to PBX systems will be switched off in 2025. So if you are currently running a traditional analogue/digital telephone system it is best to start planning to upgrade now.

The Benefits Of A Hosted Phone System With Emerald

More and more companies are opting for Cloud PBX hosted phone systems to enable their business to keep up with changing times.  Gone are the days of working from a single office with a desktop PC and just an extension to a fixed landline.

Today more businesses are working nationally or even globally, working from multiple locations and need to be contactable on a range of devices, anywhere at any time. Hosted phone systems make this an affordable simple solution full of features to benefit your business.

These include:

Saving your business money

  • Low cost per user, your license can be built up in a cost-effective way only paying for what you need so you are not paying for a fixed-line on top.
  • You do not need to invest money into sophisticated hardware because your entire phone system is hosted and managed in the cloud.
  • No software maintenance or upgrade costs.
  • Communication infrastructure is in a single system so wherever you or your business is in the world, call expenses are significantly reduced.  Research shows businesses typically save 50-70% by switching.

Gives you and your business flexibility

  • You stay in control 24/7. All you need is an internet connection, and you control the hosted system from wherever you are, whenever you need it.
  • Keep the same number.
  • Take and make calls whatever your location and even switch from one device to another instantly whilst on a call.
  • Never miss a call or meeting – all voice and video calls can be forwarded to any device.
  • Increased consistency – all updates are automatically delivered so your system is never outdated.

Enhanced Security and disaster recovery

  • Our hosted phone systems come with built-in security features and encryption right from your business premises to the cloud.
  • Minimal hardware means there is no risk of damage to the phone system or downtime in emergency situations out of your control, calls, and data are easily redirected and stored via the cloud.


View all the amazing features and add-ons of the Yeastar phone system that we use here.

Who Should Consider PBX Hosting Phone Systems?

Hosted PBX systems are ideal for small to medium businesses and start-up companies. It is easy to set up, comes at a good and competitive price and offers a great range of features that will get your business off to a strong start.

This system is also good for expanding businesses. It is designed to grow with your business, so when your business starts expanding, you can add lines and extra features as and when you need them.

phone hosting with Emerald Group


Find answers to our most frequently asked questions below:

Affordable Advanced Communications

Get in touch with Emerald Group today for a free quote for all your phone hosting requirements.  We are competitively priced and with no hardware maintenance costs, just a set monthly payment of per user per month means you won’t have to fork out for more than you need. What’s more,  you can scale up or down in line with your business needs.

We are here to optimise the best cost-effective phone solution for you.

Call us today on 01926 452462 and speak to one of experts for more information.


"Emerald has become our go-to for all our technology requirements. If we think we need to address an issue, we contact them and explain, and they suggest a solution not only for immediate use, but also looking at the longer term picture for our business too.
They keep a constant eye on our systems and usage and suggest when appropriate courses of action should be taken to enhance our working environment"


"In the past, we had experienced problems with IT companies who had the ability over promise and under deliver.

This was not the case with Emerald. Emerald are now our trusted partner for all of our IT support needs. They offer honest, impartial advice that is delivered in a language even the novice can understand.

Having one number that our team can call with any IT or telephone concerns makes such a difference, especially when this is backed up with prompt resolution."

Richard Hall - Inn Express

"We've been working with Emerald for many years and their support has been invaluable on all aspects of IT from maintenance of systems & phones to new purchases and solutions.

Emerald are professional and their services are precise and innovative where needed. Their customer support is outstanding. Highly recommended."

Jeryl Stone - Hitchman Stone

"When your whole business rests on a cloud-based system, having a flexible, cost-effective, secure, and well- maintained solution is what helps you sleep better at night. That's what Emerald is here for"

Leech & Co Solicitors Data Centre Backup

If you would like a no-obligation chat about our hosted phone system services, please do get in touch.

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