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Improve Your Business Productivity

Productivity. We keep hearing about it. Our CEO Sarah was interviewed by The Guardian at a Local Enterprise Partnership event in 2015 and was asked about the negative connotations of productivity. "It's not just about money, it's about using technology to provide a better service" goes the quote and we firmly believe this.

In 2014, academics from the UK, Australia, and the Netherlands published a report which concluded workplaces were 15% more productive when they contained plants. This is one example showing that a higher level of engagement with your work environment and your work makes you perform better. Lack of employee engagement costs UK Plc an estimated £44 billion per year and when we talk about productivity this is one of the key areas we need to address.

How can Emerald help? If you are reading this then you are a forward-thinking business leader who knows increasing productivity has both an economic and social impact. It's about meaningful work. It's about purpose. It's about using technology to automate the processess that can be automated and upskilling and empowering your teams to work together to push your business forward. To expand into new products, to develop new ways of communicating with your employees and customers, to enhance the value within your business.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in discussing then get in touch. Your business has huge potential and we see it. Technology is only the beginning ...

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“Working with Emerald is always a pleasure. Highly professional and always seeking to give their clients the best service they can."


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