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Manage Your Business Costs

At Emerald, we fully understand know how important is for your business to have low overheads and maximum productivity. We know this because we are a small expanding business ourselves and cash flow requires constant management. 

Our costs to you are not structured on Platinum, Gold or Silver Packages. We price our packages on our vast industry knowledge and experience. We can guide you on every step to save money and maintain growth.  All of our services are designed to ensure maximum value for money and return on investment with a proven track record:

1. Communication Costs

Graphic of the various ways communication can happen around the world to assist remote working

Our customers generally save 25% on standard communication charges with us. We have been able to half the cost for some lucky customers. And in every aspect of our services we can show you the savings you will make over the long term coupled with the increased productivity achieved through more effective communication especially with our business mobile teams. The crucial part of our service is pro-actively monitoring your monthly usage to ensure bundles and tariffs are changed before you start to incur charges. If you would like to take advantage of our free Communication Cost Audit then please call us on 01926 452462 or email

2. IT Maintenance

Cartoon graphic of a work man with a variety of tools

Our IT Maintenance packages are flexible and the most cost effective option to keep your business IT operational. IT Support packages start from as little as £10 per computer per month. Read more about our IT Maintenance Packages and we can show you the savings too. 94% of business-critical issues are resolved within 4 hours and the remaining 6% within 24 hours, so none of our customers have experienced downtime for more than one working day EVEN in the case of serious ransomware attacks, flood, and fire. Through pro-active monitoring, 15% of all IT issues (critical and non-critical) are resolved before our customers experience any downtime or loss of productivity.

Reducing Cloud Hosting Costs for Small Businesses

Another area we help reduce cost is hosting cloud services. If you run any cloud-based system you may find you are incurring costs based on the amount of data you send backwards and forwards on a monthly basis. This is often unpredictable and difficult to budget for. A perfect example is in our case study for Leech & Co Solicitors below. We pride ourselves on offering a secure and cost-effective solution for small businesses, so if you are worried about unpredictable hosting costs then get in touch.

3. Cyber Security

Graphic of a Cyber Security button on a keypad

A very hot topic in today’s world with businesses under constant threat of cyber-attack. The cost to your business of down-time, lost productivity, and reputational damage is potentially huge (see our blog on Disaster Recovery Planning). Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly automated and sophisticated with daily attempts to hack into the IT networks of small to medium sized businesses. You need to secure your business from these costly and often irreparable breaches.

Cyber Prevention is Better than Cyber Cure

At Emerald, we help you avoid the costs of a cyber breach through our pro-active monitoring. In the last 12 months, we have prevented 93.5% of cyber-attacks infiltrating the business IT networks of our customers. Inevitably, with daily attack attempts with sophisticated malware and ransomware, a virus does infiltrate our security measures (it happens to the Government and the NHS too!) and in those cases we have a 100% record of having all the data restored and your business fully operational again within 24 hours. With some of the companies we have started working with after a cyber breach, their return to full operations has often take two weeks or more. Only you can assess the true cost of two weeks lost productivity for your business and many of our IT services will only demonstrate their true value in an emergency.

Below are the following Emerald Services that help you manage business costs:


Emerald IT Testimonials

“We started working with Emerald following a security breach which cost the business a substantial amount of money. As a small business we didn't believe we needed big business IT security but the service Emerald provides is very cost-effective for small companies and keeps us safe.


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