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Protect Your Business

Protecting your business is why we exist. If you are well protected against security risks, it is highly likely you will continue to be a happy and prosperous customer! Cyber protection for us is about prevention and cure. We want to ensure your IT network is as secure as possible with the leading products on the market, but we also want to know without doubt we can get your business operational again quickly if the worst were to happen.

Small businesses lose 2-3 days of productivity after a cyber breach

What is the cost of 2-3 working days to your business? It is important not to let the cyber security statistics make you fearful of moving your business forward using technology, but it is also something you should prioritise based on the level of risk and the business cost. Every business will be different. We regularly test our data restore processes to ensure we can have your business operational within 24 hours in the event of a cyber breach. This is what we would need as a company so it's the service we want to offer you.

66% of small businesses will not recover from a cyber attack

Again, not mentioned here to frighten you but this stat comes from a recent IBM survey in December 2016 on cyber resilience. Two thirds of the businesses surveyed did not have the systems in place to recover from a cyber attack. Every business will be different in terms of the level of security needed and the amount of business critical data backed up. We work with you on your disaster recovery plan to ensure if the worst were to happen, you are here to fight another day with us,

We offer a full Disaster Recovery Audit 

Please do get in touch to see how we can help protect your business

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Emerald IT Testimonials

“We started working with Emerald following a security breach which cost the business a substantial amount of money. As a small business we didn't believe we needed big business IT security but the service Emerald provides is very cost-effective for small companies and keeps us safe.”


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