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Disaster Recovery

Where do you turn if the worst happens? It could be hardware failure, fire, flood, theft, or evil ransomware viruses that encrypt your data and the most important thing for you and your business is that you are operational again as quickly as possible. For our maintenance customers we aim for operational again same day with a service level agreement of within 24 hours. And we have done it enough times since 2009 to know you can never be too prepared.

How resilient is your business?

Ask yourself, what are the main hazards faced by your business and what impact could they have? The hints below are taken from the website and our own experience!

  • Assess your current risks: The government recommend you look at your current situation with regard to security; fire prevention; services including power, phone lines, & broadband; IT equipment; and insurance. 
  • Identify what is business critical: What can you not operate without in terms of business data, equipment, communications, minimum staff numbers, premises etc.? 
  • How long can you afford to be 'in recovery' for?:  How quickly do you need to be back at full capacity? Identify the stages between disaster and normal operational capacity and the maximum time frame each stage would have.
  • Who is responsible for recovery: Identify the key members of the team that will implement the stages of the Recovery Plan.
  • Test your Recovery Plan: Your team need to be confident enough with the plan to deliver it under pressure. We routinely test all our offsite data back-ups for our customers to ensure we can complete a full data restore the same working day, where they to lose everything.  

We are happy to share our experience and chat through any concerns you have. Getting your business back on its feet after a blow is what we are here to do.

Interested? Give us a call on 01926 452462 or pop into our Leamington office.

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