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Emerald Cloud

We have invested tens of thousands of our own money into a data centre in Northampton with dedicated equipment, security, and connectivity for use by our customers.

You can use our cloud hosting services for a range of purposes in your business:

Document Collaboration

You can read more about document collaboration with Emerald Cloud here. We host all your files in our data centre and provide you with a user friendly interface for your team to access the folders they need. It is secure, flexible, and easy to integrate with your existing permission structure and systems.

Customer Portal Hosting

Do you have a web-based customer portal? If so you are likely to be paying hosting charges based on the amount of data you send backwards and forwards. This can get extremely costly and a recent customer of ours saw their monthly hosting bills fluctuate by up to £400! Our data centre investment means that your business can benefit with cost-effective and flexible hosting for any cloud-based system you have. Our expertise also means we keep the system secure and pro-actively maintained. 

Offsite Back-Up

Our data centre allows us to set up cost-effective offsite back-up for our customers. It's automated so it happens every night without any intervention. You can decide the level of granularity so that you could go back 30 days and restore a previous version of a file if you need to. Again, we believe in supporting you as best we can so we regularly run duplicate file reports to help you manage your data better and avoid continual growing costs.

For more information about how our data centre investment can help you, please visit the following pages:

Emerald Case Studies

Our latest Case Studies and what our customers are saying...

Helping You Win Business-Changing Contracts

We first met GCS in 2013 when they had a problem with their printer one weekend. Based in the same serviced office building as us back then, we happened to both be working on a Saturday when Tom asked for help. We’ve been best friends ever since! Working with themas their technology partner... Read more

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Emerald IT Testimonials

"Although we work on some very big and exciting projects, GCS is still a small business with fewer than 20 employees, so it is a huge benefit to our company to be able to lean on a business like Emerald to help us keep our operations and IT infrastructure scalable. They can customise our technology and evolve it as we need them to, leaving us to focus on keeping our customers happy and delivering the greatest possible service."


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