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IT Hardware

Hard drive ready for Emerald Engineers to offer IT Support and Advice for Customer

What is Emerald's IT Hardware service?  

We give you professional and expert advice on your IT hardware choices as well as full installation and support of our recommended hardware 

Would I benefit from Emerald's IT Hardware service?

If you are an organisation planning a purchase of any new IT hardware from PCs to Firewalls, then you would benefit from talking to us


How will I benefit from Emerald's IT Hardware service?

Internal workings of a hard drive as Emerald offer Business IT MaintenanceWe have decades and decades of combined experience in IT environments from charities to corporates and from Canary Wharf to secondary schools. There is no set-up we haven’t seen and worked with as a team. So we know what hardware is a good recommendation and what isn’t. We know how to evaluate what you need and what your budget is and get you the very best hardware for your money. This saves you from making a costly mistake by assuming the most expensive will be best or the cheapest will do the job. You want value for money and that is what our recommendations will always deliver. 

We have partnerships with the main IT distributors because we value warranty and support in all our hardware purchases. What this means for you is that operational disruption caused by unexpected hardware issues will be kept to an absolute minimum. Our pro-active monitoring often means any hardware issues are detected before downtime, allowing us to remove and replace the faulty equipment before any pain is felt!  

Emerald IT Testimonials

“The Technical Support team at Emerald always go the extra mile to keep our business technology running. They are customer focused and always ready to help. Their expertise is invaluable and they offer the highest levels of service even when under pressure."


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