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Network Security

In today’s modern age, business networks are under constant threat, from automated and targeted attacks. It is important for business owners need to have a firm understanding of the technology and processes that can leave them vulnerable.

While there are general preventative measures that can be recommended across the board, such as educating employees, each network can be unique in what it needs to deliver and how it is constructed, and these factors will decide your security strategy.

Point of Entry

There are various ways networks can be compromised: viruses, malware and unwanted programmes, which can attack both end user terminals (through browser usage, emails, USB drives etc.) and perimeter hardware (through routers etc.)

This can be mitigated by using best-of-breed, professional anti-virus software; locking down desktops to a certain level of certain level required by your business, such as, blocking access and restricting the network to minimise the risk of attack and employing good security policy, such as complex passwords, security audit and security software patching.

Equipment on the network perimeter, such as routers, need to be constantly updated with the latest security protocols and vulnerability updates. Security protocols are often breached and superseded – this needs constant vigilance as this is the gateway to the internet. Firewalls also need to be configured, monitored and maintained.

What if the worst happens?

While prevention is always better than a cure, a disaster recovery plan is crucial. The average recovery for a business from a breach is 2-3 days. However, at Emerald we believe in ensuring the speed of recovery and have a proven track record of having clients operational within 24 hours of a breach.

We offer a Network Security Audit. If you are interested, please call our Leamington office on 01926 452 462.

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