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Technology Roadmaps

What is the Emerald Technology Roadmap?

We provide a technology roadmap for customers for the next 12-24 months to ensure their organisation’s IT keeps pace with their requirements as they evolve. The roadmap is reviewed every quarter with Senior Leadership teams. 

Would I benefit from an Emerald Technology Roadmap?

If you are an organisation with a clear business strategy and ambitions for growth, you will benefit most from our technology roadmap service. 

How will I benefit from an Emerald Technology Roadmap? 

Proposed Data Flow Graphic Diagram to help with IT Planning for BusinessOur expertise at Emerald in both organisational change management and technical IT delivery means you benefit from a wealth of knowledge and experience for a fraction of the market rate. It also means you can be flexible with your requirements using us to fill the gaps in your own resources. Having a technology roadmap means you never have a nasty surprise with capacity on your IT network and financially you can budget accordingly for the investment you will need to futureproof your technology. You stay ahead of the technology wave rather than allowing it to crash over you! 

Emerald IT Testimonials

“Emerald's Technology Roadmap service enables us to collaboratively set up project plans and keeps us all on track with the new technology we are implementing across the business"


Charlotte Ponder, Countrywide Group

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