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Sarah Speaks Up About IT Creativity

24 May 2018

This month, our CEO Sarah Windrum took part in a round table with Innovate UK and the Creative Industries Council to showcase what Coventry & Warwickshire had to offer in the digital creative sector. She put to bed much of the debate around what defines 'digital creative' by stating "it is a way of thinking and doing, and thus not limited by what is thought or done!"

The round table was an important moment for Coventry & Warwickshire. Government released their Creative Industries sector deal at the end of March but in the last round of Creative Cluster funding, this area missed out as did the whole of the Midlands. The 'Smaller Cities' tour that took place in May included many of the key decision-makers about that funding. 

"It was great to have an opportunity to showcase what our region has to offer in the creative industries, especially championing my own sector," Sarah said. "IT is not traditionally thought of as creative but the recent sector deal gives our industry a firm place there with software and games. The three areas combined bring in £34.7bn in GVA (Gross Value Added) making them by far the greatest creative contributors to the profit of UK Plc. Of course we know it's not all about profit, but it's good to see the value of the IT sector, both economically and creatively, recognised once more." 

You can read more about the visit to Coventry here



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