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Emerald Visits Downing Street!

26 June 2018

This month, our CEO was thrilled to be invited to Number 10 Downing Street to talk about small business and innovation. An honour to be invited to talk to the Prime Minister and her Senior Advisers, but also a crucial opportunity to ensure the voice of Emerald's small business customer base was heard.

"I was invited to talk about small businesses and innovation and I have day-to-day experience of that through Emerald," Sarah explains. "Emerald works with over 200 companies and 90% of them have less than 50 employees. We know what struggles these companies have to embrace digital and the power of technology in their business operations."

Sarah seized her opportunity to talk about digital infrastructure, skills, and culture; all key areas in which she feels the Government could support more. 

"There are some good support schemes out there but the landscape is so complicated that every small business owner struggles to understand it. And we can't trust what we can't understand. When you are talking about transforming the way a company does business, the owner needs to completely trust the person and organisation they are working with."

Sarah made some direct asks to Number 10 around future funding and more affordable models for reliable connectivity. We look forward to reporting on progress very soon!



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