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Emerald Helps to Showcase Leamington’s Creative Mix

31 January 2019

Sarah and Darren Windrum of Emerald Group showcasing Leamington's Creative MixThe Emerald team were excited to see Leamington featured as a Digital Hotspot in a recent article by Insider Media on “Digital Steam”. The article included an interview with our CEO Sarah Windrum who praised the “creative mix” of skills that makes the town a hotbed for digital companies from games development to IT support.

“Creativity is such an important skill for our industry," Sarah says, "People don’t think IT is sexy or creative but it really is! Information Technology is an incredible tool but to put it to the best use in any organisation you need innovative thinking. We need a mindset of creativity and an aptitude for technology and Leamington has that mix.”

During her interview for Insider’s “Digital Steam” Sarah talks about Leamington’s history as the base for camouflage during the Second World War and the blend of science and art that produced invaluable disguise for boats and buildings. She links this to the success of the games industry with “Silicon Spa” home to big names like SEGA Hardlight, Microsoft Xbox Studios, and Ubisoft and a talent pool of 2,000 animators, games artists, and developers.

But there is work to do.

“We need to do more to ensure our talent pipeline continues to develop. The buzz word for it now in the education world is STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Maths) and it’s about encouraging our young people to design and solve, imagine and create. Industry needs to take a look at its own activities and ensure we all work together to ensure our creative mix is resilient enough for the future.”


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