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Emerald Supports New Digital Skills Institute

11 February 2018

At the end of January 2018, the Prime Minister formally announced the creation of a £20m Institute of Coding to help tackle the Digital Skills challenge across the UK -


As a passionate advocate for growing our own digital talent pipeline, Emerald are thrilled to join global names like Microsoft and Cisco as a lead sponsor. Emerald, along with other local SMEs, are working with Coventry University specifically on how to support the UK’s creative talent in the transition to digital.

“At Emerald we work with a range of sectors undergoing digital transformation including engineering, manufacturing, and healthcare,” Sarah Windrum, Emerald CEO explains, “but we chose to lead with Coventry University on improving digital skills within the creative economy because we feel it is a sector that will see exponential growth from embracing digital more effectively.”

The UK Government’s recent Industrial Strategy report illustrated that the creative economy is least at risk of automation, giving the sector a unique opportunity to embrace the new digital world on their own terms. “I was first turned on by technology when I worked for a publishing company and we took our magazine online,” Sarah continues, “the excitement for me lay in the art of what digital could do to change the way readers interacted with the magazine. We created something they could search through, filter, and tailor to create a bespoke reading experience for every individual. I would like to see the same achieved for anything that is creatively produced. How can digital transform theatre for example. Or art. Or our museums. Crucially, digital needs to enhance the physical offering without losing its essence or replacing it. Although the Institute is national, it certainly feels like Coventry’s win as City of Culture for 2021 has given us even more potential locally and even more reason to support our creative economy in this evolution.”

Emerald provide the infrastructure, pro-active support, and security to assist with any sector’s transition to ways of working smarter through digital. Emerald themselves are working with Coventry University’s Innovation team on expanding their own services to support companies exploring how Internet of Things and Big Data will transform their sectors.

The call to action from Emerald is clear. “My cry to every business in every sector is don’t be a Blockbuster. We all need to evolve, no matter how good we are at what we do.”


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