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Emerald Helps to Tackle Skills Challenge

11 March 2018

Last week was National Apprenticeship Week and Emerald, as always, got involved! We recruited our first official apprentice from JBC Training in Coventry, and Kyle's start was well timed. We have been looking at apprenticeships for over two years but never managed to find the right fit from a training perspective, so instead we took people new to the IT sector and trained them ourselves. JBC offer a strong IT Network Apprenticeship and it fits well with our way of working. Kyle quickly felt like part of the team and we look forward to his Emerald journey. We're still on the look out for two more members of the team so do visit our Recruitment page.

We didn't stop there either as Emerald CEO Sarah Windrum was involved in Warwickshire County Council's Skills Conference, representing the digital sector and the struggles we have recruiting the right talent. You can read the full article here. Interesting to hear that the highest demand across Warwickshire is for STEM professionals and 22% of all new employment postings require IT skills. It was good to hear about our growth in apprenticeships too but there is still a concern that not enough young people are taking apprenticeships in the STEM areas where skills are most in demand. 

The hard work in Warwickshire is clear to see as we have experienced a 30.4% growth in productivity since 2009 (Read more about that here). But there is always more to do. The employment market is changing and we need to be training our young people for roles that haven't even been invented yet! The top skills needed to contine to grow our economy were identified by Warwickshire County Council as: communication; analytical ability; strategic thinking; and creativity. Are we doing enough to develop these skills in our talent pipeline? Do we in the business community have a responsibility to do more?

The new Careers Strategy from Ofsted states that by 2020 every secondary school aged child should have one meaningful encounter with industry every year. It would be great to see Warwickshire leading the way. Could you do more in your business? Get in touch with




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