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Yeastar Phone System 

Emerald Group is proud to be partnered with Yeastar, the worlds leading provider of SME PBX Systems to offer an affordable and advanced hosted phone system for you and your business. 

Yeastar customers enjoy flexible and cost-effective communications solutions that have been consistently recognised in the industry for high performance and innovation.

If you are looking to improve efficiency and output to help your business grow by improving your unified communications and collaboration, Yeastar PBX System is easy to use and manage, helping SMEs get more done with less effort whilst benefiting from its advanced range of features.

Gain an advantage over your competition by combining voice, instant messaging, conferencing, presence and more all from one single platform, providing everything you need for enhanced communications.  Using the Yeastar Linkus mobile client app you can make your Android and IOS mobile an office extension and link you and your colleagues and customers anywhere, anytime across any device without losing any of your existing office extension features. 














Yeastar Softphone

A big advantage of the Yeastar Cloud PBX phone system is the free Linkus Softphone with unified communications capabilities.

Available using Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, Linkus allows you to not only handle business calls on your mobile phone or desktop but also enhance collaboration with conference, presence, chat, CRM Integration, etc., while saving substantial call-related and equipment-related costs. It is a great help to facilitate remote working and enable boundary-less business communication experience.


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Features of Yeastar PBX Phone System At A Glance


  • Yeastar PBX Systems boasts a lengthy list of enterprise-graded features covering everything you would ask for in daily communication. Through its Linkus App (Desktop and Mobile) some of the main benefits and features you benefit from include:


  • Never miss a call again – The office number goes with you everywhere.  All calls are automatically connected to your mobile or another device when out of the office.


  • HD Voice Calling - Click to make, hold, mute, transfer, and record a call to any phone number or extension. We also keep all your call history right at your fingertips.


  • Instant Messaging - When you’re not available for a call, simply type your colleague(s) a quick message and have an instant sharing of ideas regardless of where you are.


  • File Sharing - Just click on the Document icon on your chatbox and you can choose any type of files to share. Super easy and secure.


  • Your directory at your fingertips - View all your colleague contacts and see details such as extension, mobile number, and personal profile picture - all with a simple click.


  • Click to Call - Make calls directly from your browser. Every phone number on the web is converted to a clickable link with Yeastar Click-to-call Chrome Extension.


  • Seamless CRM Integration - Synchronise with your Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Outlook Contacts & Google Contacts.


  • Call Forwarding - Reduce caller frustration and wait times by automatically forwarding calls to an extension, mobile number, voicemail when you cannot accept a call.


  • Do Not Disturb - Need a hassle-free environment? Switch to 'Do Not Disturb mode and concentrate on your urgent tasks without telephonic disturbances.



To view the full list of features Yeastar PBX has to offer click here 


Get in touch with Emerald Group for a no-obligation pricing plan and call calculations to see how much we can save you and your business today. 

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